Thank You For Bodily Function Plus

Posted: August 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sentiment is growing in some circles, in some parts of the country, asking for a raise in the increased amount of cupcake batter placed in each of the leading brand’s bags. Some say, rather conservatively, that an increase in batter would have to result in an increase in cost, but the subsidization programs available for cupcake batter bag manufacturers from Bakersfield to Boston would amortize that cost faster than you could say blueberry pizzazz. Of course, the American public has yet to decide where it stands on the issue, with 20 states supporting the legislature and 27 against. Rhode Island, Nevada, and Georgia remain undecided. Certainly, people would be grateful to receive more cupcake batter for their money, but rising concerns about health and porcine obesity have led to protests in front of grocery chains throughout the Plains States. While this debate rages on and reaches a boiling point, the concern is that the window may close for these programs and result in strikes around the country, leading to dismissed batter factories and empty plates across the United States. For Channel H News at 3, I’m Louis Louis.


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