So Many More Words

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

With the lightning speed of a god mainlining energy drinks, I have risen to provide a couple hundred words each day of little to no consequence. Such is my lot in life, my assignment for less than ten minutes every day as a means to get the part of my brain responsible for bringing home the bacon up and running and ready to rock. And I am all of those things. I have been pounding lemon cookies for breakfast and am about to make a sandwich, after which point, I will begin to get the day’s activities handled more prominently, more productively, and more pejoratively. It’s not even 9AM yet, and it’s a Sunday, so while you’re kicking your feet up and falling asleep to the worst television networks have to offer, I will be blurring through tasks and learning new skills, becoming a more prominent and functional member of society, and I owe it all to speed and precision. Zoom, baby.


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