Exciting Train Sequence

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m a dreamer. I can’t say I really admit it because it’s such a blatant part of who I am. When I say there’s something that I absolutely can not do it’s only because the prospect of doing it doesn’t appeal to me. When an opportunity presents itself, whether tangibly or simply theoretically in the front of my mind, I fully believe that I can be the world’s best at it, that I will accept your awards, your prizes, and your accolades and applause. Things I’ve never even tried in my life I have stood upon the podium triumphant in my imagination, in between scrubs in the shower. There’s just a million little victories on the path to greatness and I’m ready to take each one. I don’t want shortcuts, I want the work, I want the fight, and I want to conquer each phase of it in a dominant, decisive fashion. That’s who I am. In my head, I’m one hell of a winner. In practice, I tend to be a bit more ambitious than is maybe for my own good.


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