Premature Announcement

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

The excited, smiling crowd fell all at once, turning to something like mob violence as the bureaucrat pumped his hands out neutrally as if to say “it’s not my fault, please don’t bring me into this.” People had arrived in order to celebrate, in order to receive good things, and now they were being told that there was a mathematical mistake and none of the things they’d showed up for would be present as was promised on the flyers, leaflets, and itineraries, but if they would just be kind to come back, and please come back, at the correct date, all of those promises would be met. Even with such a statement, the crowd lashed out over the breaking news like a child throwing a tantrum against the denial of instant gratification. Of course, then, it had been the seventh consecutive time that such a claim had been met, and it was not exactly as if these people were physically capable of holding out much longer.


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