I Doodly Didn’t Dang Nope What Potato

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s late. Or early. You’re probably thinking early. As for me, well, my sleep schedule’s all messed up again. It’ll start to rotate soon, I can tell. What with the nights going longer and longer, and the waking up happening later and later. And then I’ll get frustrated with that, I’ll push it further, start sleeping weirder hours, until it’s all the way back around. I need it to be in apseudo-normal place in a month’s time, and I think that’s totally doable. I just always feel bad for people who want to do things with me, girlfriend included, for having to deal with my constant slip around the clock. I’m pretty sure if I had no social life, I’d lock myself into a nice 3AM wakeup time with bed around 9PM, and that would be my life. But then, you know, no doing things with other people. It’s troublesome. It’s difficult, and I am constantly dealing with it.


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