What Was The Point Remains The Point

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Solitary is a dark place. It hits a man somewhere where it hurts. It goes from being the simplest, most basic thing: a game of waiting, into a near-constant fear that the world is just going to forget about you. That the President’s gonna make an announcement and set all the prisoners free, and in the excitement, or maybe because of a pissed-off guard or warden somewhere, that they’re just gonna keep your cell door shut and let you rot. That the meals aren’t ever gonna come. And that’s why nobody brags about beating solitary when they get put back out with the rest of the lot, because nobody beats it. The hole always wins. And so you don’t ask a man about his peace, and he won’t offer to tell you. You just get back in the cell and act like you saw him five minutes ago. Meaning you got nothing to say to him, and he ain’t got nothing to say to you. It’s just quiet. But there’s another body there, and he can see it and smell it and it makes him want to cry.


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