Twist to Release

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Found seashells collect debris in cavities of the home, in the shoebox, in the dresser drawer, pinned up on the corkboard to admire for a minute and never again to examine. The crannies stuffed become hideaways for things to be left behind on moving day, things the movers will correctly assume is folderol deposited by a hoarding rodent, the things that simply collect where life is. The iron to the magnetism of existence. And in a sense, that’s what it is, the living admiring the static for its simple and reserved beauty, an art project 70% complete collected and graded, so that even as it is admired, the artist sighs and pines for what could have been. Instead, it is deemed finished by its audience and not the creator, hung up in the museum of the everyman to become a curiosity for tourists to admire quietly and then move on to the next piece.


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