(Learning to Close) An Eye For Faults

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the middle of night, I stood in the center of an intersection, and I kept my eyes fixed on the changing lights above.

Stop, the red circle pleaded, stop what you’re doing, this is ridiculous.

But, I argued, if I weren’t here, you would be saying stop anyways, you would be talking to yourself or no one. Your message has no weight because you say it without concern for your audience.

To my right, a green circle was more inviting and pleasing to my eyes.

Go, it called out, go home, or go over here, or go tell that cute girl you like her, but you should go. You should always go.

However, I replied, you are just being contrary to the person next to you. You say go whenever someone else says stop because that keeps people doing something. It’s just a mantra to you, it sounds nice, but what does it really mean? If I go, what do I have to do?

The three of us argued, and I felt very ganged up on, as the lights took turns arguing each others points, but never conceding to mine. The discussion turned heated, and it lasted for several minutes.

My fury and frustration reached its zenith,


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