Hat, Crown, Miter

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Stop to consider (only briefly) that a number of decisions that have affected the outcome of human history have come down to die rolls. From the creation of real estate conglomerates to the Ukranian invasion of Papua New Guinea, these decisions were made in a very haphazard, careless way. Lives were lost, money squandered, tenants made homeless thanks to the white cubes dotted with black pips, bouncing with loud clacks across the wooden tables in dens, war rooms, kitchens, subway cars, and sidewalk concrete. And so what we are left with is a course of history decided, in no small part, by fate, physics, and axial tilt. The moral lesson is to not spend too much time planning. You can make the decisions, you can account for all the possibilities, but eventually the dealer will put the deciding factor in your hand. You’ll shake it, you’ll feel the weight of them bouncing, rolling, and making contact, and then, rather symbolically, you will let go, and you will hope for the best with no further power of influence over the situation.


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