France, I Have Seen Thee Not In Months

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Winding in circles, the old watch’s springs gave their last bit of force and jerked the hand almost to the X, freezing in place it’s own perception of time without managing to stop the old beast itself. It had spent all it could spend. A skilled hand could repair the tiny parts, replace the broken things and make it click and stutter like new again, but the world had little need for a repaired watch and even less need for the tradesman who could do it correctly. And so it came to be that the stopped watches of the world found their way to old dresser drawers, garbage bins, pawn shops, landfills, or the business end of a hammer for the curious and rambunctious child with violent tendencies. Once the watch stood proudly as a symbol of status, rested in bronze and gold within the breast pocket of the well to do, and now they were collecting not just dust, but actual ire.

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