War Room

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

The thin red tint that crept into the only light in the room made it obvious to everyone present in that particular moment in time at that particular place: Shit was fucked up. The tense wringing of hands and unnaturally thick sweat that clung to foreheads told the rest of the story. Jobs were on the line. The server was down and everyone was barking commands to get it the fuck back online “or heads will roll.” The engineers did what they could, typing away furiously and running diagnostics on the hardware to make sure it wasn’t an issue that resided in the physical world. The people who were really nervous were the suits. They weren’t going to fire the nerds, they knew how to keep this ship afloat. No, the guillotine would come down on those who were supervising. Those who “allowed it to happen” and no stuttering explanation from an intimidated engineer would account for that. Every second of downtime was tens of dollars, and time was running out.


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