Love For A Minute

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

There was a list, an ordered and itemized collection of qualities that Reese was looking for, and he’d even ranked them to make it easier. The first on the list were a pair of stunning eyes. He hated to be so superficial, but he reasoned that if he were going to pledge his life to someone in love, it would need to be a pair of eyes that he never grew tired of looking into. Indeed, many a face has been forgiven for its creative layouts so long as the eyes were noteworthy enough to draw attention away but also towards. Much like the way that it is the brushstroke in the painting made in error that draws the viewer’s attention, but can be a masterful truth on the canvas in the hands and mind of the skilled artist. So she needed to be creatively minded, and not afraid to speak her opinion when she had one, bu without a nice pair of eyes, the search would continue on.


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