Anxiety For A Lifetime

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Seventh from the left on the sagging parabola of a bookshelf, bound in the dusty green jacket with the blue embossing, sits a copy of an old medical textbook from 18th century Italy. None of the words make sense except those with obvious Latin roots, and the diagnostic information and treatment instructions are what doctors even just a few generations ago would dismiss as “barbaric.” But for the disturbed and nervous individual such as Mr. Paul Rafferty, owner of this particular copy of La Collezione Completa di Gravi Malattie, the information here is completely reliable. Rafferty uses a muddled, slapdash understanding of Italian to diagnose all of his aches and pains, his neuroses and paranoias in a fashion that makes sense for him, and provides him a fleeting moment of safety, sanity, and relief. He is an odd case, Mr. Paul Rafferty, and he knows this. For La Collezione tells him so.

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