Cement Intersection

Posted: October 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

The stuffed bear bobbed and rocked on the waterline, its little hard bear nose face down in the blue. Were it alive, it would be drowned by now, but it was only soaking wet and a little mangy having been outside all night. Its owner, the adorable for now but ultimately unfortunately named Petunia Lewis had not given much thought to the plight of Mr. Bear. Her concerns were a little more immediate, what with the cough that had settled into her lungs. Though it was the middle of summer, and the spiderwebs of light reflecting off the rolling pooltide turned into a yellow ghost on her ceiling, she was down with a particular nasty bug that had resulted in, among other things, a fever, a persistent cough, and an unfortunate case of diarrhea. Mr. Bear had only been a bystander to all of these things, knocked over into the pool by the maid as Petunia grew ill to the point of vomiting in the backyard. Now he had problems of his own, problems that went ignored for the time being.


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