A Blender Full of Birds

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

A subway train full of smiling faces barreled beneath the city at astonishing speeds. The passengers do not know this, they can only rumble through the darkened tunnels, but it is an exciting and slightly scary prospect. Everything is new and clean, and the future feels more alive now than it ever has before. Dressed in their most flashy and most modern dress, the concrete tube harboring the piston of passengers is something that the entire city is celebrating. On the other end, near Taylor Blvd, the mayor and thousands of citizens are waiting with banners, confetti, and champagne to greet the people who are crossing the metropolis in minutes, unseen from the world above. Today, it is a celebration of progress and abundance, the halcyon days of the new century come to fruition. In mere decades it will become a moving coffin, rife with the unsheltered and pungent with the aromas of human waste. The wonder and marvel will give way to resigned tolerance at best, and outright fear in others.


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