A Twist of Chunk

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

New mouthwash tastes like eating a glove. Not chewing on it, breaking it into pieces over time and then swallowing those pieces. So yes, chewing on it, but then also swallowing it, letting the aroma of it push up through the throat as it passes through the intestine. Makes other things taste like glove also. But it’s supposed to help, you know, desanitize all the stuff going on in there. Yeah, like the way a doctor or dentist snaps those thin blue or white gloves over their hands. Protect the skin, keep out the bad stuff with a thin layer of stale gum. So now I’m just gloving my mouth, I think. Trapping in the harm, or maybe pushing deep down and building a bedrock that will push itself back up to the surface. Like digging a pool, you take the dirt out, you put the tarp down, then if there’s more dirt, it’s on the tarp. It’s no big deal. Is that how you build a pool?


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