Mr. Stitz Fits His Mitts

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

A million thoughts went through my head in that moment as I stared at the light. How did I wind up in this position in the first place? Was it ever my intent to be in such a position to be making these decisions? A cough came from the other room, dulled and muffled by the concrete walls. I just wanted the simple life, no fame or fortune, aside from the occasional shower-based concert. A woman to love, some kids to raise, a house, a couple brown dogs, and pizza on Friday nights. But now I’m looking another man in the eyes as he tries to intimidate me. He doesn’t even want the truth necessarily. That’s not his job, and we both know it. What he wants is an admission, regardless of the facts. Then he can go home to HIS wife and kids. But I’m not giving him one. And he’s going to step on me until I do or until he crosses the line and his boss tells him to send me home. But even then, he’s going to wonder: did I do it?


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