Posted: October 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

The thin flap of skin that caught the wind or the sleeve of a shirt shot with pain. That’s the thing about a man who knows how to use a knife; he’ll cut you like a papercut, only deep and wide and long. Even if the fight doesn’t end on the end of his blade, you’ll feel his damage for days and weeks to come. The bandages were wet and unraveled in the shower, and Liam had no patience for re-affixing them at this time. One shot for him, one shot for his arm. He winced as the alcohol mixed with the blood and felt like a thousand pricks of fire. Everything throbbed and he clenched every muscle he could. That bastard Raul was a butcher, a damn savage. He sat down on his couch, put the tumbler on the glass coffee table with a tinking thud, and cleaned out the mechanisms on his pistol. Next time, Raul wouldn’t get within twenty feet before getting a bullet in his skull.


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