The Gorps of Reth

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Count it slowly. Backwards. Hold your breath. Five. Consider the position. Are you alive? Yes. Will that continue? Not forever. Everything goes sometimes. Is this that time? Maybe. Four. Take stock of surroundings. Fatality seems probable. Light is high and getting higher. Sinking down. Dark. Cold. Maybe a minute to act. Maybe less. Three. Dig deep. Consider what your best is. Do it. Survive or perish. A moment drawn out into forever, one way or the other. A turning point. A fatal action. Two. Everything hurts. Muscles are cramping. Body is sore. Everything is screaming. Head feels heavy. Throbbing. The blood is thinning. The air is thinner. Everything is pain. Everything is fucked. One. The last moment. Life feels more like a photograph now. Was it ever something in possession? The light is closer, but also dimmer. A hand reaching down. Another hand reaching up. The last chance. Please God, if you exist, let me survive this.


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