The Expectance

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, I’m pulling the trigger. November 2014 is another year for NaNo. And I’m going to try and jump the gun. A finished novel is my goal for my 30th birthday. Now, that might be a little much, considering that this is probably going to have to be a larger book, so the target is really “win NaNo” and if I pull that off, then I have half a book written and I can finish the rest by Christmas. And then hide it from everyone for a few months, then timidly leak it out here and there and hope nobody hates it. Then edit it. Then get an agent. Then edit it again. Then shop the book. And then who knows. But damn it, my support group is just too amazing to let them down any longer. This is the year. Cue the montage music. Order me a burrito. And don’t plan on getting me to attend your social functions.


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