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Posted: November 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

The internet is full of information. Some of that information can save your life. Most of it is related to helping people kill time. How did this occur? How did a tool that so easily could have been a library or encyclopedia in every home become relegated to a second television, a 24-hour public access channel where anything goes, for better or worse? This has much to do with the men who crafted our beloved series of tubes, and their insistence on a Wild West, lawless land free of international borders or policies. The remaining part has to do with its users. Once the technical barricades came down and anyone could use the internet, they brought all their baggage with them like a bad boyfriend. Rather than learning and collaborating and communicating, people wanted an escape. They made friends. They told jokes. Those jokes spread. And now we have our memetic culture of content-free clutter.


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