exit ramp

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

He’d always wanted to wind up in New Orleans, or Las Vegas, or Miami. Somewhere known more for their nightlife and magnetism for young partygoers more than the presence of prestigious insurance home offices. That would be nice. Maybe he’d get out of insurance altogether. As Charlie mechanically pulled onto the freeway and headed to the suburbs, the thought of that kind of willful step into the unknown began to give him pause. Did he have a right to decide the future of his future self? Would it even be him? The brochures and pamphlets he’d read in the lobby were very reassuring as they described some kind of neural mapping that could preserve memories and install them into a reconstructed body. It was all kind of over Charlie’s head, but it did make him wonder if they were making a new person out of him, or merely remaking him. And would either of those results really be Charlie Covell the way he understood himself now? A black, echoing feeling hit Charlie’s stomach as his thoughts drifted to questions he was far from capable of answering, and so he turned on the radio hurriedly to distract himself from going any further down that introspective and uncharted path.


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