asleep with book on face

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

“Let’s say you pass on, expire, what have you, no criminal record, no real issues of any kind, but you owe on a credit card. Do they take the balance out of your holdings, or do they just charge a bunch of interest and wait for your number to come back up?” Charlie blinked. They were living in an age where you could be resurrected from the dead, the clock rewound to younger days even, and they were worried about interest rates. He blinked once, in order to react to the banality of the question without screaming or flipping the break room table.


“No idea.” He said with a simple shrug, leaning his shoulder back to the coffee machine, signaling his desired exit from the conversation.

“Ooh, but wait!” Dave Tackre chimed in excitedly, his eyes aglow with his own perceived cleverness. “What if your profile is at 33, and you don’t incur the credit card debt until a decision you make until you’re 40? Can you still be held responsible? It’s not like you made that decision. Another version of you did.” Tracy oohed at the suggestion in excitement. Charlie turned away and allowed himself an eye roll.


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