Another Misstep

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Charlotte had an impossibly round face that seemed to pucker ever so slightly around her lips, a look that captivated not only Alfred, but many of the men who saw her. Her complexion was porcelain white, not unlike egg shells and only stood out more brilliantly beneath the curling spires of her chocolate hair. She often dressed formally, usually in a powdery shade of blue that was her particular favorite. She was of a similar build to Alfred, only not as tall, and with the addition of subtle feminine curves.

Quietly known for her ill temper, the arguments which Alfred and Charlotte engaged in were the things of local legend. It was once said that during a particularly heated spat regarding the domestic use of child labor, Charlotte became so cross that she set fire to Alfred’s jacket with his cigarette lighter. Alfred staunchly denied these allegations on Charlotte’s behalf, but his friends were quick to note that he had purchased a new jacket when that autumn approached.


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