you are awake, now what

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

It was perverted, Charlie thought, how people began saving for their next life, making plans for someone who was going to come out of a machine, having the same thought that they did going in in the first place: “Where should I go for lunch after this?” It seemed like a noble, altruistic, second chance to follow a different path in life, but to Charlie, the idea was scary that he might just open his eyes, step out of the loud, buzzing box, collect a paycheck and at the same time learn that he had already died, and try to live up to the expectations that he’d thought might be nice. It was like time travel except without operating on facts. Yes, your heart’s only get about eight years left to go, I thought you might want to be a fireman. One was absolute, scientific. The other a flawed, romantic idea that the heart wants what it wants. The heart just pumps blood. The brain usually doesn’t even know what it wants. The penis knows what it wants. The brain just interprets the facts and tries not to do anything stupid.


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