Posted: November 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

He didn’t feel sick, just the way a body feels after staying still for too long in an uncomfortable temperature. He wanted to go back to sleep. Then he sneezed. Then he sneezed again. After he’d used a considerable amount of toilet paper to blow his congestion out, he came to terms with staying awake.


Leaving the bathroom light on, Charlie walked back out to his bedroom, only a corner away in his modest one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of St. Louis proper. He sat down on the bed, opening his tight grip on another bundle of toilet paper, and picked his phone up off the nightstand, holding it close to his face as his eyes tried to adjust to the displayed time. There were only three numbers, and the first one was kind of roundish. If it was a 3, he might be able to get a quick nap in before he had to get up. He closed his eyes again, pinched the bridge of his nose and pressed in, and then blinked his eyes open an uncounted five times. It was a 5.


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