Posted: November 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Two weeks later, Charlie sat and watched as Tim took his presentation and made it come to life with all the phony enthusiasm and false confidence that one would expect from a trained management on a sinking corporate ship. Most of the district managers and operations heads who had sat in on the conference call tried to withhold and kind of optimism, but Charlie could tell by the lack of downcast eyes looking at phones or the constant barrage of incoming emails that his plan and Tim’s delivery had captured their attention. They wanted to know more, they wanted to know if it would work.


So did Charlie. He wanted to know if this would finally get him off the personal hell of working among the Tracys and Daves of the world, if maybe he would get a real office now. He wanted to know how much soundproofing tiles would cost. But after a month with no news, Charlie just wanted to know if he should be looking for a new job.


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