special skills

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

The quieter things became, the happier he was, but the clearer and more pronounced Tracy’s voice became. That was the paradox. And so Charlie sat, rubbing enamel on enamel as he scribbled notes on his desk. The knock from behind him caused him to jerk up and crane his neck over his shoulder. “Hey Charlie, how’s it coming?” Tim leaned against the corner of the entrance of Charlie’s cube looking in. It looked like he’d been there a while.

“Good, good. I think. Trying to figure out how to turn a higher profit margin in scenarios besides convictions, but even still, have you seen the early numbers? We might be able to make our money that way alone.”

Tim shook his head. “We both know that, but we need to worry about how to turn a profit within a year or two, not just play the long game and wait a few generations. There’s got to be something else.” Charlie sighed and put his pen on the desk, blowing a few strands of unkempt hair off of his forehead.

“Well, like I said, that’s what I’m working on.”

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