bad news bureau

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

The signs to Debriefing were posted, clear, and to Charlie’s surprise, led to a room where there were no lines, just walls lined with doors to small private offices. Door #4 was open, and behind it was a man with a thin beard moving his pen slowly over some papers in a manila folder. Charlie cleared his throat not out of impatience but out of subconscious habit, and the man behind the desk looked up, smiled, and waved Charlie toward the open door. “Mr. Covall, thanks for taking a moment to speak with me, come on in and close the door please.” Charlie, unsure of what to expect from this conversation, did as he was told and then took a seat after the man’s gesture to do so. Said gesture turned into an outstretched hand which was then shaken.


“My name’s Doug Morris, I’m with the Regeneration Center’s Debriefing Department, and we’re just going to go over some information with you today before you leave, alright?” Charlie nodded and found it strange that Doug had taken a big deep breath after introduction. Doug closed the file, folded his hands on top of it and leaned forward.


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