Slippery Sick

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

The attorney pressed a key on his laptop, and the footage rewound, looping back to its innocent beginning. The rest of the courtroom was moved, unable to get the images at the end of the loop out of their heads, some still gasping, shaking their heads, or covering their eyes or mouth. But the attorney, doing his job, presented it with all the aplomb and pomp of a reporter going over the day’s sports highlights. He pointed at the key areas, drawing attention to the brutal murder on 158th that left seven dead and a man, a man seated in this courtroom, incarcerated. The details weren’t all there. It wasn’t as simple as anyone would have liked, but he deftly used the video evidence to craft his narrative, to set up his finale. He didn’t know if this kid was responsible. He rarely did know in these situations. But he answered to a people hungry for justice, even if they deny the very thing that they so feverishly demanded.


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