Continuity Slip

Posted: January 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

This week is over, the next week is beginning. I have been waiting and turning and rolling in sleep and the end isn’t coming and the start slips beyond the horizon and past to a place I was only once at. Now I am here, and now here is there, and what was impossible to have is in grasp and the clock spins in circles and the planets do too and we just wind up where we are but differently too because brown is now gray, and smooth is now not, and the scientists say that the rock’s getting hot but the men with the money and their obedient wives too say it’s all just a theory, and lacking in proof. Rain on the concrete, rain on the grass, snow in the parts that are harder to pass but the traffic still tries, because the job still starts at eight, and I’d rather risk my life than risk being late.


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