Farewell, Time

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Another week in the books. My hair is oily, too long, and a mess. My beard unkempt. Why is there an m in that word? Tomorrow begins the end of January and the first of 12 chapters closing in the book of 2015. Progress is happening though, good things on the horizon and plenty to do. I want more rice, more eggs, more time, more fun, more money. More everything, except more work (caveat in the sense that it results in more money). A lot of changes coming up, a lot of doing things I don’t like to do, and *gasp* acting more like a professional. But management has its perks, and every one of them comes with a handful of responsibilities. In the end, it means that line on my LinkedIn profile means more than just sounding impressive, it’ll have some clout, some weight, some real truth to it. No longer am I the puppet dictator. Viva Febrero.


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