Cloud Cover

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Stay safe, New England, nor’easter and proud, from the millions of spawn that drop from the cloud. Stay warm and stay safe,  and bitter as usual, let your heart open up to the inches of white, let your doors and windows stay closed and keep the heat inside. Have plenty of food, and check on your neighbors, and enjoy a brief respite from the toil of your labors. And when the sun returns, and the white melts away, be free from your prisons where you were forced to stay. And out to the streets, and out to the clubs, and out among buildings and man-planted shrubs. The winter is cold, the winter is harsh, but I didn’t think ahead enough to rhyme something with that word. So enjoy what you’ve got, and take lots of pictures, and meanwhile in the desert I’ll be walking around in shorts enjoying the sunshine (though it is cloudy out today).


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