In Queue

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dealing with tech support today, as internet problems are greatly slowing me down. They’re also localized entirely to my machine on the network, only when I am doing certain things, and I’ve just been sort of tolerating it as of late, but now I’ve had enough and I want to put a stop to it.

(resumed hours later) Nothing was fixed. They gave me the ol’ “I have no idea, have you tried unplugging it?” spiel. Of course I have. Come on now people. People who don’t read manuals are ruining it for the rest of us. This is my young man old man rant where I talk about how people need to do more research and understand more about the products they purchase and use. If it gets you by, fine. But if you have a problem, try and solve it yourself before you get someone else involved. You might cost companies a few jobs, but in the end everyone will be happier. This is truth.


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