Rain All Day for the All Day Reign

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

The sky is so romantic, and also so thoughtless and empty. Marked with drifting clouds, pink and red and purple sunrises and sunsets, skylines of buildings or of mountains, we have always looked up and out and over and dreamed of lands beyond our touch. But up there, there is only air. And those clouds. And some birds to a certain degree. There’s just so much empty space between here and there, but since the dawn of humanity we have seen the blues and whites and reds and greens and yellows and thought about travelling to there. Now thousands of people do it every day, and they read a magazine, or nap, though a select few just stare out the window and lose themselves in the empty. And that’s how you can tell the difference between somebody with somewhere to be and someone who is just happy to be going somewhere, anywhere at all.


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