Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Bureaucracy as a religion. The endless wading of equally doled out inconveniences because the only way to make sure everyone is treated fairly is to make sure that everyone is treated unfairly. So now I’m here, sighing at paperwork, thinking about breakfast, worried about a million things and unable to handle any of it. Swinging my arms through red tape and trying desperately to just feel as though I am not being touched. Sometimes I crave closeness and contact, to be balled up in a corner, and other times the notion of anything touching my body: skin, furniture, floor, ground, clothing, makes my skin crawl. I thirst at times for the freedom of zero gravity.  Like because my problems are all located on a planet bound by its force, to be without that means to be without them. Freedom in its truest sense. The ability to float unencumbered and through the nothing. In silence, in comfort.


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