The Step Before The Final Step

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Oh today. Already problematic simply by the time that was on the clock at the moment I opened my eyes. For most people, this is an issue of oversleeping. For me, it’s an issue of undersleeping. I am in the process of moving my sleep schedule back to a time that works for me, and so it’s a routine of 20~ hour days and then 8-9 hours of sleeping. Today, I managed the first part, coming in right under 19 hours of waking time, and then woke up just about six and a half hours later. It’s unfortunate, considering what I’m trying to move around, and how tired I was when I closed my eyes. And yet there I was, immediately regretting that first moment when I knew sleep had passed me. I looked at the clock, and I sighed, and so now I just have to deal with it. We are approaching the end of productivity for the day while still having plenty of time on the clock, and I guess at least there’s that.


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