Of Turgidity

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Here are some things that I’ve written about. And over here, the pile I have not. And every day I try to take some of the things out of the latter pile and move them to the former, a perpetually stacking inbox as the world gets larger and larger, and becomes less mysterious, I continue to plug away at this list of topics both real and imaginary, trying to discover what color the bottom of that pile is. Is there red felt beneath the pages? Perhaps an image of a smiling cat congratulating me on the most prolific career in all of authorship. Or maybe there is just more topics, more concepts, more ideas, as if there were really no bottom at all, just a limit I perceive in order to keep pushing forward. An imagined carrot on an imagined fishing line dangling before my real eyes, telling me there is a reason to keep running. And I think there is, because I believe there is.


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