The Things We Do

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

I posted a link to something called Four in February which is designed to have people who like video games make a dent in their backlog. I, of course, as always, had too much other stuff going on to really do it. But then, I was just happening to be playing some games in my far, far too large Steam library, and wouldn’t you know it, I finished three games in the first week of the month. So now I have one left to meet the challenge, and I would like to keep tackling it through my Steam library, but if all else fails and it gets to be like February 26th or something, at least I have an unfinished Sesame Street NES game in my collection. That should be an hour’s work tops. And then I can say yeah, I did that too. I do a lot of things. What’s it to you?


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