The Gnaw

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Last night, sleep was out of the question. I was ready to go to sleep shortly after midnight, with beer in my stomach and a day’s work behind me. But I stayed up until I felt tired, which wasn’t until hours later. Then I wasn’t tired enough, so I turned on the TV. And then I still wasn’t tired but I forced myself to sleep. And right as I began to fall asleep, I felt the familiar cramping within my stomach of something that my body felt didn’t belong. I hoped I could just sleep it away, but obviously that never works. So then I was being kept up by my improper digestion, desperately wanting in only that moment for the first time to just be able to sleep without issues. Because naturally that’s when I would give up and be ready for sleep. All of this happened, and now today isn’t looking to add up to very much at all.


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