Every Day Programming Schedule

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Some time around, after, adjacent to sun-up, I laid down and that was the end of that discussion. The pillow said hello, the blanket offered a hug, the mattress did not consent to any of the activities but failed to voice those concerns in a timely fashion. And then I slept. A long time. Not a terribly long time, but late. Not late considering the time of my slumber, but late by most American human standards. And then the wind blew. The wind blew and howled and whistled and pushed stuff through the windows into my home. From my home, it entered my airways, and then everyone got very angry and I woke up and my eyes itched and I had to sniffle a lot and in general just wanted to sleep some more. So I did. Because it’s Sunday, and Sundays are pretty much worthless if you’re not watching football. And there’s no football right now. So I slept.

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