As The Elevator Falls, So Fall We All

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

The wait was excruciating. The courtroom was full of people who seemed more or less humbled, but generally as though it was no big deal to be inside of a judge’s domain. No big deal? What if I were to go to prison? What if they sentence me to 100 hours of community service? What if they fine me a huge amount of money, I can’t pay it, then they make me do community service and go to prison? To my left, a woman with sprayed up, voluminous hair. She was reading a romance novel. To my right, someone about my age, but they were with a father or grandfather. They looked more annoyed to be there than anything. Straight ahead, an empty bench. A podium for pleas. The sword of Damocles, swinging in tight pendulous motions. I held my breath. Then I felt even dizzier. It had already been an hour of waiting! Finally, the door opened quietly and in stepped she who would determine my fate.

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