Unnecessary Criticism

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is a plug. My reign as Editor at GARetro.com officially begins tomorrow. I made a post there today that is important. The really really important video game stuff starts tomorrow. Please go and check it out. It has taken a lot of time, energy, and work. It has occupied a great deal of time in my thoughts over the past two months. I think it was my New Year’s Resolution to do this. I don’t remember. But we have lots of great writers and cool content coming up and I want you to be there, so please please be there. As for me, I would like a beer and to go to bed soon, but there is soup coming, and that is worth waiting for. It will do much to ease my troubled, sleepy mind and fill me with happy warmth before I begin the week and the month anew. March, motha-effers. Let’s do it.

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