Shelf Ghost

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

With my beverage in hand, a countdown clock on breakfast, and a growing desire to take a shower, I think I feel fairly positive about today. Or I feel just positive. I don’t know. So much of how one tackles a day starts before the day. In sleep, in dreams, insomnia, the sound of an alarm, an unpleasant awakening, the first thing the brain gets to really focus on, these are powerful influences, ones that shape entire crumbs of our lives. And today I’m in the perfect storm of good sleep, the right amount, a calm awakening, and starting my day with a triple shot of positivity. I think it’s funny, in a way, that WordPress always puts the red squiggle under the word positivity. Like it’s a word that doesn’t belong on the internet. Well, that’s just not how I see things. Being negative is easy, sometimes it’s fun. But I’m old enough. I’m content enough. I can still be hungry and make people smile. I accept it, I relish it.


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