The Large Ugh

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Another day of clouds. I love clouds, but right now, the way things have been going, I could use a warm breeze and an excuse to lay on the beach and listen to the artificial sounds of the artificial waterfall. Though can a waterfall really be artificial? Man-made, sure, but I’m fairly confident the only criteria of a waterfall is that water falls off of it in a repetitive fashion and that it…well, no I don’t even think it needs to collect in anything at the bottom. It just has to fall. So let’s not split hairs over waterfalls, they do a fine job of doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. Maybe that can be your weekend project, is making your own waterfall at home. Come up with a blueprint and now you’ve got a delightful, hose-involved summer activity to occupy the kiddos in mid-July. But yeah, seriously. Now isn’t really the day for clouds. The heaviness is already too much.


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