The Wheezing Circuit

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Here, from the view of the ocean, I can see a million miles out to sea. I can smell the salt, I hear the tides and the gulls, dear God do I hear the gulls. But at one point this place was pure romance to me. I’d come here and see her hat, trying its hardest to fly off her head and run away with the wind. She always somehow knew when she’d caught me staring and she’d turn away from the endless blue on either side of the horizon, look up to the window, and wiggle her fingers as she laughed, knowing with that pride of a woman when a man can only follow her in stupor, as if needing to affirm repeatedly that such a thing exists. That a person of this magnitude is nearby, assaulting the senses with the strongest power, the kind that robs a man of his independence and leaves him only wanting more. And indeed, I do. I sit in this creaking wood house, staring out at the empty beach and the storm rolling in, and Lord, I would do anything for more.


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