I Watched The Light Go Out

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

The ache had found its way into the last of the muscles and bones, and so looking up at the ceiling for a solid thirty minutes became the norm, just waiting for the body to collect enough strength to try and get itself out of the situation it very much needed to be in only the night before. Now it was sunny. Traffic could be heard, both on tires and on shoe soles. A game of kick the can had entered its second half long before anyone inside of 7211 had done much in the way of movement or activity, but then neither group had to account for much in the end of June. The room was hot and sticky with humidity, and the box fan in the window tried mightily to dissipate and counteract the proximity to the sun. In the end, its plastic blades would spin their hardest, but only offer relief in the psychosomatic variety. But for now, there was no way to get up, and so its efforts were appreciated and spurned.


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