Hello Headache

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m not sure when it started, and I’ve no idea why, but my head began to pound early this morning. A rather furious migraine, just picking away at my sanity and my pain threshold. I can’t stop though, I can’t stop and give up on the things I’m doing, the plans I’ve made. Plans. “Plans.” Do I even have one? Do I know what I want, or do I just want the general American dream? No, I think I want that, but more. Different. Maybe in a muted sense. I don’t need to have a nice car. I just need to be comfortable. I need to have friends and loved ones around me. And I need to stop acting like I’m 18, considering that I wasn’t acting this way when I was 18. I was equally…naive and foolhardy, but it worked out for me. Now I fear that maybe I’m stunting myself to hold on to things I don’t even have anymore. But I do have this migraine.

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