Posted: March 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

The long drive through the black passed agonizing, it passed quickly. It was facilitated by the thrill of no headlights, the opportunity to push one’s boundaries, to take a calculated and relatively safe risk, the appearance of red dots after cresting the hill and the chance to overtake a traveler on a similar if not identical path. And so then in time, I arrived, pulling off the straight stretch of highway into a place familiar, both dreading and looking quite forward to the return trip, the black concrete stretching northbound this time, the passage through the land I’ve seen once through the octopus’s palette. This time in the other direction, this time with the adventure in front of me and the comfort behind. This time with the same risks, the same challenges, but the familiarity of a task already done. And when we get there, we will turn around stare down the next time.


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