Blood in the Drain

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

There are moments in your life when you realize that maybe your body’s done all the positive growth it can handle. And after a few days of sleeping on a couch, 12 hours on the road, and generally working outside what one is used to working around, the flesh becomes angry, irritated. It lashes out. It creates problems, or maybe symptoms, so that we may diagnose the larger issue. And so we worry, and fret, and consider calling in the opinion of a medically licensed professional, but usually only once we see “if it persists,” save the paranoid among us. It is bureaucracy and perhaps machismo that creates this wait-and-see attitude, but mostly bureaucracy, as we have all many times seen a doctor in hopes of a solution only to be told that the symptoms aren’t there, that it may have just been the great and nebulous something, and to come back if it happens again. And so, unless the pain is great or the mind is slipping, we wait. And we see. And then we wait again.


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